Admission Policy

Creative Minds operates an anti-discriminatory policy. We welcome children and staff from all ethnic origins, race color, religious backgrounds and faiths. We do however reserve the right to refuse entry or placement if we believe this will be detrimental to the care and well-being of your child, or the children in our care.
We have a booking system, which operates on a first come first served basis.
We aim to work with you to best meet your childcare needs; to help us do this, you will be required to complete some pre-admission information forms. It is however essential that parents inform the school of any special needs your child has. All information supplied by parents is treated in the strictest confidence.

Registration Procedures

The first point of contact is the Admission Officer. She is tasked with the resposibility of receiving prospective parents, answering enquiries and giving general information about th school.

Prospective parents purchase a form for N5,000 from the School office.

Parents complete and submit application form along with all required documents. The Admission Officer verifies it is a complete application and forwards to School Head / School Director.

Interview and assessments (Medical and Academic) is arranged.

Admission officer places a call to parents to give them a feedback on assessment and informs on when to pick up admission letter.

School fees is paid and evidence of payment provided to the accountant for issuance of receipts accordingly.

Class placement is decided and a copy of child’s particular is forwarded by Admission officer through School Head to Class teacher.

Fees & Non Payment

Creative Minds successful operation is totally dependent on prompt receipt of school fees. All fees must be paid before the first day of each term. Non-payment of fees will attract exclusion of child from class learning and cancellation of enrollment bond.
A returned cheque will attract a N5,000 penalty/representing fee as required from bank.